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Great for:

Large Events & Venues

Great for:

Classrooms & Video calls

  • Audience size up to 100
  • Works Globally Licence-Free
  • Wirelessly Chargeable

Great for:

Events & Auditoriums

  • Audience size up to 1000
  • Wirelessly Chargeable

Catchbox Covers

Replaceable Covers that Can Be Customized

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Accessories & Parts

Accessories & Parts for Catchbox Module, Plus & Lite


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The Catchbox comes in three versions to accommodate for different types of sound systems and use cases. The Catchbox Module is a beltpack module that makes it suitable for larger events and integrated audio systems, while the Catchbox Plus is a standalone system that uses DECT communication standard, supports two transmitters with one receiver, features wireless charging and is suitable for audiences up to 1000 people. The Catchbox Lite is a standalone system designed for smaller events like meetings and workshops of less than 100 people.

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Catchbox Module

The Audience Engagement Solution for Larger, More Demanding Events

The Catchbox Module is a module, converting existing beltpack transmitters, or lavalier microphones, into throwable microphones. This means it is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup. Users simply connect their existing beltpack transmitter into the Catchbox Module’s built in mic and Automute electronics.

Catchbox Lite

The Audience Engagement Solution for a Seamless Plug & Play Experience

Catchbox Lite is a complete wireless microphone system that works globally without a license and plugs into any audio system. Add Wireless Charger for easier charging. Catchbox Lite won’t interfere with other wireless mics and does not require active audio management. Simply turn it on, and throw it in. Due to the frequency being used, the system does not work in larger events of more than 100 people which require more advanced wireless microphones (See Catchbox Module).

  • Audience size up to 100
  • Range up to 30m / 100ft
  • 12 h battery life (charging time 2h, wirelessly 4h)
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    (Globally license free)

Catchbox Plus

The Audience Engagement Solution with Large Coverage

Catchbox Plus is a complete wireless microphone system with increased coverage and rechargeable Li-ion battery for both large and small events. Add Wireless Charger for easier charging. Catchbox Plus allows you to connect two Catchbox transmitters to the same receiver simultaneously.

  • Audience size up to 1000
  • Range up to 100m / 328ft
  • 12h Battery life
  • Frequency: DECT 6.0 (USA), and DECT (EU and other regions)
    (Globally license free)

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