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Catchbox Wireless Charger

Catchbox Wireless Charger charges the built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries for Catchbox transmitters. Currently only compatible with Catchbox Plus transmitter capsule.

Note: This product DOES NOT charge mobile phones or other electronic devices

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Designed for Catchbox
Designed for Catchbox

The wireless charger has been specifically developed for Catchbox enabling the seamless integration - just turn on your Catchbox & place it on the charger. The wireless charger also enables the “Always-On” functionality, where Catchbox enters sleep mode when charging and automatically detects when picked up to switch on without the need to toggle any on/off switches.

LED Charger Indication
“LED Charger Indication ”

Integrated LED indicator visually showing the charging process and battery state.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

The integrated re-chargeable Li-ion battery ensures a much more environmentally-friendly use of resources by eliminating the use of any disposable batteries or cables.

Proprietary Protocol
Proprietary Protocol

Wireless Charging uses a proprietary wireless induction technology and processing protocol to enable the charging of Catchbox transmitter without removing it from the soft outer Cover.