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Cable with 4-pin mini-XLR (Mipro)

This adapter cable is compatible only with Mipro transmitters. The cable has a 4-pin mini-XLR electrical connector.

List of compatible Mipro models:

ACT-30T (3 series)
ACT-32T (3B series)
ACT-32TC (3B series)
ACT-50T (5 series)
ACT-52T (5B series)
ACT-52TC (5B series)
ACT-70T (7 Series)
ACT-70TC (7 series)
ACT-72T (7B Series)
ACT-72TC (7B series)
ACT-80T (8 Series)
ACT-80TC (8 series)
ACT-8Ta (8 series)

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